Prefer Brand New Garden Furniture? Think Cedar


There are distinct tastes when it comes to selecting furniture for one’s patio or deck. One variety that is becoming popular is all-American outdoor furniture made of cedar wood. Mainly used for outdoors, this type of garden furniture is manufactured out of high grade western red cedar. Among the big concerns with garden furniture for many is the constant change in weather and its effect on them. For those living in the northern regions, other concerns they have include snow, hail and sleet.

Fortunately, patio furniture made of red cedar wood will ideally withstand any rotting or decay due to bad weather because the oils in the wood acts as a natural preservative. The Adirondack Chair was the very first to incorporate cedar and it turned out very popular throughout the United States. It was actually proven so durable and inexpensive that the U.S. Government chose to have all park benches be made of cedar wood. The WPA, which was established during the depression, put lots of people to work building these cedar benches. Apart from constructing them, additionally, it created jobs for men to go into the forest and chop down cedar trees.

Many Americans have got chests made of cedar that has been around for generations. Items that were placed in these cedar chests did not develop mold or mildew because the cedar prevented it from happening. For many sailors, these chests were like their best friend. In the past most coffins were crafted from both cedar and pine. Quite a few physicians in England assumed the antiseptic properties of the cedar wood in coffins stopped the spread of disease. They theorized the plague would have killed many more if cedar coffins were not used to bury those who were affected. For hundreds of years, many cultures have used cedar for a many types of things.

It matters not what your address is in the country, you’ll find patios and decks with cedar furniture. Pretty much any person’s residence can be adorned by a beautiful cedar patio set. A lot of the American Elite model of garden and patio furniture are inlaid using cedar. Home furniture extras including serving trays and carts that you find at stores like Target or Wal-Mart are made of cedar. Cedar outdoor furniture can be located at department stores like Sears and JC Pennies, and the prices are very reasonable. There are many lovely pieces of cedar garden furniture that can be found online from the Cedar Outdoor Furniture Company. If you cannot find exactly what you are trying to find, they can also custom build your furniture to meet your specifications.

It’s not possible to make a mistake with acquiring deck or patio furniture made of cedar. The durability will make it easier to have your furniture for years to come. Not only is it durable and affordable, the smell of cedar has almost a restorative effect on many people as well.